Welcome to the Hotel Rubin

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No matter if you are coming in City Krusevac for business purposes, turist visit or you are just passing by, you need accomodation that will insure you:

  • qualitative rest
  • top services
  • great cuisine
  • hospitality in addressing
  • closnes of all important insitutions and cultural and historical monuments
  • and many other related services.   


The Hotel Rubin is settled in the center of City Krusevac, with the view on main city square and Monument for heroes of Kosovo. By its location, and also its architectural solution, it represents one of the symbols of the city, and by its offer, interior /ambient/ and capacities, it has the capability to answer to all your needs. 

The possition in the hearth of the City Krusevac, makes the Hotel “Rubin” easy to find from every direction from which you are coming in Krusevac, and the closnes of city insistutions like building of City Hall, Main Post, House of sindicate, Seat of the Region, Primary and High Court, Police Headquarters, provides, for those of you who are coming for business purposses, to finish your business activities very efficiently and quickly. 

In the very near by of the Hotel, there are significant cultural and historical monuments that represent a part of rich history of city Krusevac, and some of them are on the list of cultural heritage of international significant. As tourist attractions which can not be neglected are : 

Archeologic park - Town of Lazar

Preserved remainings of mediaeval town which duke Lazar founded in 1371, as his capital town and military fortress in which were settled : the building of mansion, church of mansion, fortress, Donzon tower and so called midtown with squares, handwork shops and trade shops where until 17th  century lived colony of traders from place Dubrovnik. 

Church Lazarica

Church in Mansion of duke Lazar, builted from 1377 util 1380 in glory of St. Stefan, founder of dynasty Nemanjic, in which the serbian military communed before the battle on Kosovo. Builted in the area of mantion of duke, Lazarica is one of the greates works of serbian mediaevel and late byzantian architectyre.  

The monument for heroes of Kosovo

It represents the symbol of city Krusevac and the most monumental art of national sculpture at the beginning of 20th century. It is the art of sculptor Djordje Jovanovic, that was exposed in 1904 at the Celebration of 100 years after First serbian revolution, while it was reworded with gold medal of 1st row at the World exhibition in Paris for its sculptural elements.

The National Museum

It is settled into the Town of Lazar, in the building of former High school that was builted in the 1863. It contains seven settings : archeological, historical, ethnographic, natural and collection of art and practical art. As a part of Museum there are and Galery of art, Monument – park Slobodiste, the House of Simic in which there is a museum set up of an old town house and Menzulan – post office at the end of an 18th century. 

Church of St. Djordje /George/

It is settled at the square with fountains, it was builted in 1904 in serbian byzantian stile. The icons in the Church are the art of famouse serbian impresionist Milan Milovanovic.

In a cooperation with the Tourist organization of City Krusevac, the guests of the Hotel have the opportunity to get to know with the history of City Krusevac, its cultural and historical monuments, architectical heritage and other tourist sights, with proffessional help of tourist quides. 

For those guests who are interested, there can be organized and visits to many mediaevel monastires in the region of City Krusevac, like Ljubostinja, St.Roman, Naupare and monastery Epitaf of Most Holy Virgin Mary.  

From sightseeings in the near by, we recommend a visit to Ribarska Banja and mountain Jastrebac, and for the nature lovers, there is lake called Celije and meanders of the river Juzna Morava near place called Stalac. 

Hotel Rubin is ideal also for the gests in transit. From the turn point from the highway Nis – Belgrade at the exit point Pojate it has distant 25km, from City Nis is faraway 70km, and from Belgrade 170 kilometers.

City of Krusevac, the old capital city with very old tradition, it is settled in Central Serbia, in the valley of Western Morava and at the bottom of a mountain Jastrebac, one of the most woodland mountains on Balkan, and at the crossroad between european and balkan rouds. 

Picturesque area of river Morava, rich cultural and historical heritage and geographic possition, give multiply opportunities for cultural, religious, vine, hunting and health tourism. 

The City has preserved many valuable monuments of its rich history, and among them are particularly  attractive remainings of mediaevel fortress town of duke Lazar, Church Lazarica – pearl of architecture of Morava, monumental monument for heroes of Kosovo and monumental park Slobodiste, near by the City.

It is surrounded with many mediaevel monasteries, very close to it, there are Vrnjacka and Ribarska Banja /Spa/, which were offten visited by serbian kings, vine producing valley of Zupa which is called and serbian Sampanja, mountains of Mojsinjska, with more than thirty old churches and places arround them with lake called Celije on which are habitatats for many rare birds.

Along with all this, the City Krusevac is a modern City with developed infrastructure and it represents administrative, economic and cultural seat for the County of Rasina.